Cavs Less Than the Sum Of Their Pieces

The Cavs are a good team and everyone knows that. However, their team is poorly put together. I would say they have one two-way player in Lebron James on the roster. Kevin Love & Kyrie Irving are really good players, but they are offensive players. Iman Shumpert & JR Smith are decent role players, but again they only play on one side of the ball. Tristan Thompson is a very good rebounder and decent defender, but he doesn’t do much else. The point I’m trying to make is that if you put legit two way players around Lebron James instead of being a good team, they could potentially be a team that would be able to compete with the Warriors.

Deals that were out there that would have made them dangerous:

1) A Kyrie Irving Chris Paul swap

2) Jae Crowder, Marcus Smart, & Avery Bradley for Kevin Love

Move that made little sense:

Trading to get Channing Frye when he is a poor defender and doesn’t bring anything Kevin Love doesn’t already bring.

You cannot be a contender with 14 one-way players.

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