How to get Fired Draft Day Edition

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There are several ways to get fired as a GM such as overpaying free agents, hiring bad coaches, tanking #TrustTheProcess, or screwing up draft selections.

A lot of people believe drafts are hit and miss and they aren’t wrong. However, you don’t need to hit a grand slam or, in basketball terms, hit a Steph Curry from the logo 3. The quickest way to screw up a draft is reach on a raw high upside prospect.

Who is the prospect that will get a GM fired a few years from now you ask?

There are a few guys I’m sipping the haterade on.

1) Marquese Chriss, Power Forward

A lot of ” draft experts”have moved Chriss into their top 5. I absolutely would NOT take him in the top 10. He doesn’t rebound and gambles on D. Yes he’s athletic and could be an NBA player 5 years from now, but why on God’s earth would you invest a high pick in him unless you want to tank over the next couple years?

2) Skal Labissiere, Centre 

Skal was expected to be a high picking going into the season, but he had a horrible year in college. It’s hard to imagine he suddenly turns it around right away in the NBA where the competition level is much stiffer. Again I’m not blowing a top 10 pick on some guy I have to wait a few years to be decent.

3) Henry Ellenson, Power Forward

Ellenson is a good offensive player with a nice jumper, but he’s Luis Scola on D. I guess the hope is that he becomes Ryan Anderson. Anderson is one of the best shooting bigmen in the NBA right now, so forgive me if I’m not betting on Ellenson to be the next Ryan Anderson. Now I don’t expect anyone to blow a top 10 pick on him, but he still has a high probability of being selected near of end of the lottery.

A GM can earn goodwill by hitting a double or in basketball terms an and one. Here is a list of prospects that don’t necessarily have a high ceiling, but are likely to be at least a role player that can play in the NBA.

1)  Denzel Valentine, Shooting Guard

D-Val was the national player of the year in college this year. He’s a good shooter, passer and rebounder. I really feel like the worst case scenario for him is Evan Turner. Turner was a solid role player for the Celtics this season so there wouldn’t be anything wrong with that. However, I think he’s a little better than that, so maybe a better comparison if everything breaks right for him is Tyreke Evans.

2) Wade Baldwin, Point Guard

He’s a big guard that can shoot the lights out. The NBA is becoming guard dominated and having one that can shoot has become extremely important. I compare his game to Eric Bledsoe who isn’t an elite PG in the NBA, but is still pretty good.

3) Demetrius Jackson, Point Guard

He may not be the best shooter or playmaker in this draft, but this dude plays balls to the wall. A lot of NBA success stories are guys that play hard and attack on every possession. D-Jack reminds a little bit of Kyle Lowry in that sense.

4) Tyler Ulis, Point Guard

Yes, he is short. However, Ulis is a polished player that can flat-out play. He’s a good playmaker who can also score. He might have trouble covering big guards, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be a good 6th man.

5) Malcolm Brogdon, Shooting Guard

Malcolm is a crafty scorer who an also defend at a high level. Plus, he’s a really smart dude. What more could you possibly want in a wing? He could be the next Danny Green and if you are getting that outside of the lottery that’s amazing value.

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