Contract Rankings

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 11.23.00 PM


up arrow Deal looks better over time
down arrow Deal looks worse over time

1) Kevin Durant $27.25M/YR
2) David West $1.55M/YR
3) Zaza Pachulia $2.9M/YR
4) Nic Batum $24M/YR up arrow
5) Hassan Whiteside $24.25M/YR up arrow
6) Jordan Clarkson $12.5M/YR up arrow
7) Brandon Jennings $5M/YR
8) Justin Hamilton $3M/YR up arrow
9) Dwight Howard $23.5M/YR down arrow
10) Seth Curry $3M/YR up arrow
11) Jeremy Lin $12M/YR up arrow
12) Darrell Arthur $7.66M/YR up arrow
13) Tyler Johnson $12.5M/YR down arrow
14) Deron Williams $10M/YR
15) Marvin Williams $13.63M/YR down arrow
16) Trevor Booker $7.5M/YR
17) Austin Rivers $11.66M/YR up arrow
18) Eric Gordon $13.25M/YR up arrow
19) James Ennis $3M/YR up arrow
20) Matthew Dellavedova $9.5M/YR up arrow
21) Dirk Nowitzki $20M/YR
22) Andre Drummond $26M/YRup arrow
23) DeMar DeRozan $27.8M/YR up arrow
24) Mirza Teletovic $10M/YR up arrow
25) Joe Johnson $11M/YR down arrow

Bad Deals

Timofey Mozgov $16.25M/YR down arrow
Al Jefferson $10M/YR down arrow
Brad Beal $25.6M/YR down arrow
Jerryd Bayless $9M/YR down arrow
Rondo $14M/YR down arrow
Ryan Anderson $20M/YR down arrow
Gerald Henderson $9M/YR down arrow
Arron Afflalo $12.5M/YR down arrow
Bismack Biyombo $18M/YR down arrow
Luol Deng $18M/YR down arrow
Evan Turner $18.75M/YR down arrow
Mike Conley $30.8M/YR down arrow
Jamal Crawford $14M/YR down arrow

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