Heat Player Projections


*Luke Babbitt (MIA) 4ppg, 2rpg, 0.5apg, 0.75 3pm, FG 43%, FT 77%, 0.5tpg

Keith Benson (MIA) – Not expected to make the team

Chris Bosh (MIA) – Not expected to play for the Heat (Health Risk)

Goran Dragic (MIA) 17.5ppg, 3.5rpg, 6.25apg, 1.5 3pm, FG 49%, FT 75%, 1.25spg, 0.2bpg, 3tpg

*Wayne Ellington (MIA) 4.7ppg, 1.5rpg, 0.75apg, 0.5 3pm, FG 42%, FT 85%, 0.5tpg

*Udonis Haslem (MIA) 3ppg, 3rpg, 0.5apg, FG 42%, FT 72%, 0.25spg, 0.25bpg, 0.5tpg

Stefan Jankovic (MIA) – Not expected to make the team

*James Johnson (MIA) 8ppg, 4rpg, 1.5apg, 0.4 3pm, FG 46.5%, FT 65%, 1spg, 1bpg, 1tpg

Tyler Johnson (MIA) 11.6ppg, 3rpg, 2.75apg, 1.75 3pm, FG 45%, FT 82.5%, 0.85spg, 0.4bpg, 1.5tpg

Rodney McGruder (MIA) – Not expected to make the team

*Josh McRoberts (MIA) 4ppg, 2.5rpg, 2apg, FG 43%, FT 70%, 0.5spg, 0.25bpg, 1tpg

*Willie Reed (MIA) 5.5ppg, 4rpg, FG 56%, FT 62%, 1.25bpg, 0.5tpg

Josh Richardson (MIA) 12ppg, 3rpg, 3.75apg, 1.5 3pm, FG 44%, FT 72%, 1spg, 0.75bpg, 1.5tpg

*Beno Udrih (MIA) 2.2ppg, 1rpg, 1.5apg, FG 42%, FT 85%, 0.5tpg

Dion Waiters (MIA) 7.8ppg, 3rpg, 2.5apg, 1.0 3pm, FG 40%, FT 72%, 1spg, 0.25bpg, 2tpg

Briante Weber (MIA) – Low probability of being a rotation guy

Okaro White (MIA) – Not expected to make the team

Hassan Whiteside (MIA) 18ppg, 13rpg, 0.5apg, FG 57%, FT 70%, 0.5spg, 3.25bpg, 2.25tpg

Derrick Williams (MIA) 9.5ppg, 5.25rpg, 1apg, 0.5 3pm, FG 46%, FT 74%, 0.5spg, 0.25bpg, 1.5tpg

Justise Winslow (MIA) 9ppg, 6rpg, 2apg, 0.5 3pm, FG 45%, FT 71%, 1.3spg, 0.5bpg, 1tpg

*If he is given minutes and part of the rotation

ppg = points per game
rpg = rebounds per game
apg = assists per game
3pm = 3 pointers made
FG = Field Goal
FT = Free Throw
spg = steals per game
bpg = blocks per game
tpg = turnovers per game



2 thoughts on “Heat Player Projections

    • Whiteside averaged 17.5ppg after the all-star break. With Wade gone that can easily bump up to 18. Tyler Johnson & Josh Richardson are both better than Dion Waiters. So I just don’t see the minutes for Waiters this season.


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