Trade That Wins Your Fantasy League


We talkn’ roto. Roto? Roto? Every year for whatever reason in yahoo fantasy basketball at this point in the season I see I’m ranked last or second to last in turnovers. This season in one league I saw I was ranked second last in turnover and bottom or near the bottom in both FG & FT%. If I continue on the path that I’m on I literally have no chance of winning.



Part 1: I ended up trading DeMarcus Cousins for Al Horford. Yes, Cousins puts up gaudy stats, but he’s killing me in efficiency. It should help me in FG%, FT%, & Turnovers. I honestly don’t care that Horford was ranked higher than Cousins in averaged stats. I would still trade for Horford if he was ranked 30 or 40 (example: if he didn’t shoot 3s).


How was I able to get the exact deal I wanted?

I wasn’t. The guy I wanted was Myles Turner. Since I wasn’t able to get him I settled on Al Horford. No complaints, but you have to be flexible when targeting the players you want.

What do I got to next?

I know I have to trade D’Angelo Russell. I was just waiting for him to get more healthy games under his belt first.

I also probably have to trade LeBron. But, wait didn’t I say I needed FG%. Yes, he does help me there, but he’s hurting me in FT% & Turnovers. LeBron is shooting a career worst 68.7% from the line at 7.2 attempts per game. The more volume a player shoots at a bad clip the more it hurts your team.

Time to climb that ladder.



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