Raptors Player Over/Unders

The Raptors have started the season strong. Is everything sustainable? Can some guys even get better?


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Nick Nurse won coach of the month, but admits he was handed an elite team. This honour probably doesn’t mean much on its own, but it is nice to see Nurse was ready day one into his NBA head coaching career. In the end, his coaching will likely be judged by how the Raptors perform in the playoffs.

Kyle Lowry has been an elite playmaker this season and the Raptors offense has benefited greatly. It’s pretty clear Lowry will end the season with a career-high in assists per game, but will he maintain his current rate?

Kyle Lowry over/under 9 APG by years end (currently @ 10.3)
– career high was 7.4 in 2013-14

A player whom we hope doesn’t just maintain what he is currently doing is CJ Miles. He is shooting a career-worst 27.9% from three when averaging at least one attempt per game. As Adam mentioned he is dealing with an injury now, but in no way is that an excuse for his play over these first 19 games.

CJ Miles over/under 33% from 3 by years end (currently @ 27.9%)
– career 35.9% shooter

People like to use Jonas Valanciunas as the scapegoat everytime he has a bad game, but he has improved his defence to the point where he isn’t a negative anymore and he continues to be an efficient scorer and great rebounder. Valanciunas’s lack of minutes don’t seem tied to his performance.

Jonas Valanciunas over/under 20 MPG by years end (currently @ 19.2)
– career low was last season (22.4)

Talking about great rebounding, Kawhi Leonard has been a beast on the glass this season. Whenever Kawhi can use his size and strength to his advantage he does. If Leonard starts playing back-to-backs he could parlay his player of the week into MVP. He couldn’t have entered a better situation this season.

Kawhi Leonard over/under 7.5 RPG by years end (currently @ 8.5)
– career-high was his 4th year in San Antonio (7.2)

Someone whose situation who got better this season was Serge Ibaka. He was a streaky three-point shooter last year and it was often painful living and dying by his stroke. This season Serge has minimized that by focusing on his highly effective mid-range jumper and interior scoring.

Serge Ibaka over/under FG 54% by years end (currently @ 56.4%)
– career-high was year 4 in OKC (57.3%)

The Raptors have struggled with three-point shooting this season, but Delon Wright sure isn’t because he’s shooting a whopping 45.7%. It’s true the sample size is low for him and he hesitates to shoot it from deep sometimes. However, his role should grow because of his versatility in his ability to play multiple positions.

Delon Wright over/under 1.0 (3PM) by years end (currently @ 0.8)
– had 0.8 last year playing 4+ more MPG

Pascal Siakam is pretty well only being used at power forward, but he’s excelling in that spot. Siakam’s spin move is almost unstoppable and he’s improved his shooting where defences actually have to account for him now.

Pascal Siakam over/under 15 PPG (currently @ 14.8)
– he essentially has doubled his scoring playing 9 more minutes per game

OG Anunoby is kind of a silent assassin. As soon as defences start sleeping on him he’ll pop for a big play. Anunoby delivered in clutch situations last year in the playoffs. He’s getting more shot attempts this season and it’s only a matter of time before he starts heating up again.

OG Anunoby over/under 34% from 3 by years end (currently @ 31.5%)
– as a rookie, he shot 37.1% from 3 in the regular season & 44.8% in the playoffs


Bill Simmons keeps claiming the Raptors have a trade to be made. Saying a team has a trade to be made kind of feels like a slight. Are the Raptors not good enough as currently constructed? The Raptors owe their first round pick to the Spurs. You’d expect Pascal Siakam and OG Anunoby to be off the table at this point. So, really the two guys that the Raptors might make available are CJ Miles and Delon Wright. The way Miles is currently playing it’s hard to imagine another team offering something of value back. Delon is a restricted free agent this summer. If the Raptors have no intention on paying him they should explore trade ideas. The Raptors could be in even worse luxury tax hell next season if they are able to bring back Kawhi Leonard and Danny Green. In that scenario, they might just let Delon move on. However, at this time it’s extremely hard to know what Kawhi Leonard will do so making a decision to cash out on Delon now might be premature.


Adam Corsair
Twitter: @SouthOfThe6ix
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Crossover Raptors Podcasts

This ain’t NO typo. There are two Raptors podcast episodes here. Two hours of audio stuff is here.

Part 1


Adam Corsair of @SouthOfThe6ix & southofthe6ix.com hosts part one.

If you are looking for it on iTunes you can find it here.

Adam not only covers the Raptors, but he also covers the Jays. So if you are a Jays fan as well make sure you are following him and checking out his stuff.

The Serge Ibaka suspension is brought up and we went over what it might mean long-term.

The game recaps and previews are on this part one.  We covered lots of other interesting stuff as well.

Part 2
Hashtag Raptors EP06 – The American



Interviewing Adam
On the previous episode of Hashtag Raptors, I went through the evidence and concluded Americans don’t watch the Raptors. Billups confirmed. Was I wrong?

Adam Corsair is an American that not only watches the Raptors, but is a loyal fan. Listen to Adam explain how this came to be.

Truth or Slander
If the Cavs aren’t in the finals the Raptors will be. Truth or Slander?
The new Raptors gold and black jerseys are awful. Truth or Slander?
The home team should always wear white jerseys. Truth or Slander?
Somebody on the Raptors will be traded by the deadline. Truth or Slander?

From Twitter: “I don’t care what the numbers written down are… if you actually watched the raptors games instead of staring at the stats recorded the last 4 years, you would know he [Valanciunas] caused at least 5 turnovers a game. Not to mention screw up every play they ran.” Truth or Slander?

Bricklayer Update
Jarrett Jack former Raptor is shooting 42% from the field and 30% from 3.
In 2009-10 with the Raptors he shot 48% from the field and 41% from 3.

Weak Headlines
Listen to find out


hashtag raptors1

Raptors Player Projections Preview

raps stats

The Projected Raptors Rotation

PG Kyle Lowry, DeMar DeRozan, Delon Wright, Fred VanVleet
SG DeMar DeRozan, Norman Powell, Delon Wright
SF Norman Powell, CJ Miles, OG Anunoby
PF Serge Ibaka, CJ Miles, Pascal Siakam, OG Anunoby
C Jonas Valanciunas, Serge Ibaka, Jakob Poeltl, Lucas Nogueira

Others: Alfonzo McKinnie, KJ McDaniels, Bruno Caboclo
Two-Way: Malcolm Miller, Lorenzo Brown

Red Basketball Star (S)
Blue Basketball Quality Player (QP)
5% Role Player (RP)
 Rookie (R)
Purple Basketball Below Role Player (BRP)
Light Blue Basketball Not a Pro Talent (NPT)


Red Basketball Kyle Lowry

Kyle Lowry is an all-star lock every year. Hopefully, Dwane Casey reduces his minutes so Lowry can be healthy come playoff time.

Red Basketball DeMar DeRozan

Career year for DeMar DeRozan, but he’s somehow getting even less respect from analytics people. Deebo raises his game every year, but the haters gonna hate.

Blue Basketball Norman Powell

As a starter in 18 games last year Powell almost shot 50% from the field and 40% from 3. With consistent playing time this season expect Norman to put up consistently good numbers.

Blue Basketball Serge Ibaka

Serge Ibaka is no longer a star at this stage in his career, but he’s still better than a role player. Ibaka will be critical to the Raptors success as they are thin at PF.

Blue Basketball Jonas Valanciunas

Jonas Valanciunas is only 25 years old and a week younger than Delon Wright. Valanciunas still has star potential, but the Casey would have to run the offense through him for that to happen.


5% CJ Miles

CJ Miles is the perfect 3pt shooting role player. With the Raptors wanting to shoot more 3s this season Miles has the potential to have a career high in minutes.

5% Jakob Poeltl

Jakob “The Turtle” Poeltl is a strong backup centre entering his second NBA season. He will get boards and hustle on D.

5% Delon Wright

Delon Wright can guard PGs, SGs & even some SFs. Wright cannot shoot, but he knows he cannot shoot. It seems like he could have more success this season focusing on his D and let DeRozan or VanVleet run the offense when Lowry is on the bench.

 OG Anunoby

Anunoby is healthy and has looked good. At some point this season I expect him to be the backup PF, but I’d expect Casey to ease him into that role unless Siakam looks unplayable.

5% Lucas Nogueira

Bebe blocked a lot of shots last season, but the Raptors have way too many guys that can play centre. He may not see many minutes this season, but he could be a nice trade chip.

5% Fred VanVleet

Freddy V has shown enough to make me believe he could handle the backup PG duties if called upon. If Casey uses Wright at SG or SF VanVleet will see legit minutes.

Purple Basketball Pascal Siakam

Pascal Siakam may or may not be the Raptors weakest link that will get minutes. He’s got energy, but it’s unclear what he can do with it. If Pascal can start shooting 3s he could become the Raptors backup PF.

Purple Basketball Alfonzo McKinnie

McKinnie is a good camp invite story. He showed flashes in preseason, but likely won’t play a big part in the rotation.

Purple Basketball KJ McDaniels

KJ McDaniels plays hard, but hasn’t really developed his game enough to be a reliable NBA player.

Light Blue Basketball Bruno Caboclo

Bruno Caboclo is a waste of a roster spot. If he gets non-garbage time minutes for the Raptors this season something terrible has happened.


Light Blue Basketball Malcolm Miller

Malcolm Miller probably won’t do much if anything for the Raptors this season.

Light Blue Basketball Lorenzo Brown

Lorenzo Brown won’t do much if anything for the Raptors this season.

Raptors Player Projections

DeMar DeRozan TOR 36 8.5 45% 7.25 84.50% 0.75 25 5 5.5 1 0.2 2.6
Kyle Lowry TOR 34 6.375 45.5% 4.5 82% 2.75 20 4.1 6.5 1.21 0.2 2.42
Lucas Nogueira TOR 9.5 0.9 67% 0.4 64% 0 2.2 2.2 0.35 0.5 0.9 0.4
Jakob Poeltl TOR 16 2.5 62% 1 58% 0 6 4.75 0.3 0.4 0.65 0.9
Norman Powell TOR 28 4.875 46% 3 81% 1.25 14 3.6 1.7 1.1 0.3 1.4
Jonas Valanciunas TOR 27 5.25 57% 2.75 79% 0.25 13.5 9.6 0.7 0.5 1 1.5
Delon Wright TOR 19 2 44% 1.9 75% 0.6 6.5 2.5 2.5 1.1 0.4 1
Pascal Siakam TOR 15 2 48% 0.5 74% 0.5 5 3.5 0.5 0.5 0.75 0.7
CJ Miles TOR 28 3.75 42.5% 1.4 87% 2.6 11.5 3.5 1 1 0.35 1
Fred VanVleet TOR 10 1.5 40% 0.75 84% 0.75 4.5 1.5 1.8 0.5 0.15 0.6
Serge Ibaka TOR 32 5.75 47% 1.5 85% 1.5 14.5 7 1 0.5 1.5 1.5
OG Anunoby TOR 14 2 47% 0.75 60% 0.25 5 2.5 0.6 0.75 0.7 0.95
Alfonzo McKinnie* TOR
KJ McDaniels* TOR
Lorenzo Brown* TOR
Malcolm Miller* TOR
Bruno Caboclo* TOR
*Not expected to be part of the rotation

NBA Twitter Mock Poll Draft

Here is the NBA Twitter Mock Poll Draft I started on May 16th. Obviously there have been trades which changes where some teams pick. Screenshots of the polling data are at the bottom.

1)phi PG – Markelle Fultz
2)lalPG – Lonzo Ball
3)bosSF – Josh Jackson
4)sunsSF – Jayson Tatum
5)sacPG – De’Aaron Fox
6)orlPG – Malik Monk
7) T-WolvesFC – Jonathan Isaac
8)nykPG – Dennis Smith
9)mavsPF – Lauri Markkanen
10)sacF – Justin Jackson
11) chaFC – Zach Collins
12) Pistons logo PG – Frank Ntilikina
13) Denver_Nuggets F – OG Anunoby
14)miamiPF – TJ Leaf
15)blazersFC – Harry Giles
16)chiSG – Luke Kennard
17)BucksSG – Donovan Mitchell
18)PacersPF – John Collins
19)HawksC – Jarrett Allen
20) blazersPF – Caleb Swanigan
21)okcF – Semi Ojeleye
22)NetsGF – Terrance Ferguson
23) torSF – Dillon Brooks
24)jazzPF – Jordan Bell
25)orlC – Justin Patton
26) blazersC – Edrice Bam Adebayo
27)lalSG – Josh Hart
28)lalPF – Ivan Rabb
29) sasC – Christopher Ike Anigbogu
30)jazz PG – Jawun Evans

Also Checkout: NOT a Mock Draft (Player Rankings)
NBA Twitter Mock Draft Poll Data
Philly now has the #1 pick, but I would gather a new poll would still lean Fultz. Who knows that Boston will do at 3.

That concludes the NBA Twitter Mock Draft.

May I Mock the NBA Draft


Welcome to my May Mock NBA Draft


Light Blue Basketball High Bust Probability
Purple Basketball Overhyped
Blue Basketball Not a Sexy Pick, But Fits a Team Need
Red Basketball Decent Probability of Success
5% Money Pick (Too high of a talent to pass up)
 416Basketball Seal of Approval

Disclaimer: I’m not projecting a prospect’s floor or ceiling. When I says reminds me of player X that is who I think of when watching them play.

1) bosPG – Markelle Fultz – Boston Celtics 5% 
The Celtics are in need of a big man, but it’s hard to imagine them reaching on a big when Markelle Fultz is rated significantly better than any big in this draft. I would expect the Celtics to select Markelle Fultz to either keep or potentially trade later.
Reminds me of: Dwyane Wade

2) lalPG – Lonzo Ball  Los Angeles Lakers Purple Basketball
The Lakers are in need of a franchise player. They have some nice young talent on the roster in D’Angelo Russell, Brandon Ingram, Ivica Zubac, Larry Nance, Julius Randle, & Jordan Clarkson, but it’s hard to assume any are a lock to become superstars. Lonzo is a talent, but off court family issues are a little concerning. At the end of the day, Lonzo and his family want him to play for the Lakers and he has a high enough ceiling for the Lakers to consider him at 2.
Reminds me of: A King Size Version of Chris Paul

3)  phi G – Malik Monk up arrow –  Philadelphia 76ers Blue Basketball
The Sixers are in an interesting situation where they have a really nice core, but lack shooting. Joel Embiid was phenomenal when he played this season. Dario Saric is in the running for rookie of the year. Ben Simmons didn’t play a game due to being injured but could be an elite passing forward. So the Sixers desperately need a guard that can shoot the ball. Malik Monk just might be the best shooting guard in the draft. Also, I think people are underrating Monk’s playmaking ability because he played beside PG De’Aaron Fox at Kentucky.
Reminds me of: Chauncey Billups 

4) sunsSF – Josh Jackson – Phoenix Suns 5%
The Suns are in a similar situation as the Lakers. They have a lot of nice young talent in Devin Booker, Marquese Chriss, Dragan Bender, Tyler Ulis, & TJ Warren but lack a franchise player. Josh Jackson is one of the best defenders in the draft if not the best. The Suns still have Eric Bledsoe so they shouldn’t be obligated to take a point guard.
Reminds me of: Draymond Green

5) sac SF – Jayson Tatum  – Sacramento Kings Red Basketball
I have no idea what the Kings are going to do. Does anyone? I’m asking do you know? The Kings paid a high price for Buddy Hield and he was terrific for them so it’s probably safe to safe the Kings won’t select a shooting guard. Adam Silver: “The Kings select Luke Kennard.” Hopefully, we don’t hear that, but I everything is on the table when in comes to the Kings front office. I like Jayson Tatum for the Kings because he has a high floor. The offensive talent is there and he could be the perfect replacement for Rudy Gay.
Reminds me of: Rudy Gay

6)  orl PG – Dennis Smith Orlando Magic Red Basketball
The Orlando Magic probably need shooting. Dennis Smith might not be the best shooter in the draft, but he’s a competent shooter and one of the better point guards in the draft. Elfrid Payton was solid this season, but has shown he cannot shoot in this era of crazy good NBA shooting. Markkanen is a guy that could help their shooting issues, but I wouldn’t expect them to draft him because I would expect their new management to give Aaron Gordon at least a year of support as the starting PF. I also wouldn’t be surprised if the Magic tried to move the pick to trade up or down to better help fill their needs.
Reminds me of: Kemba Walker

7)  T-Wolves PF –  Lauri Markkanen up arrow – Minnesota Timberwolves  Blue Basketball
The Wolves are in a unique situation where they already have their superstar in Karl Towns. They also have a great number 2 in Andrew Wiggins. It’s hard to imagine the Wolves select another point guard when they just took Kris Dunn last year and still have Ricky Rubio. So they will likely take a wing or big. Gorgui Dieng has been good for the Wolves, but they could probably use a better player to pair next to Towns. Three-point shooter Lauri Markkanen would help open the court for Towns.
Reminds me of: A Better Shooting Danilo Gallinari

8)  nykPG –  De’Aaron Fox down arrow  New York Knicks Purple Basketball
The Knicks desperately need a point guard for the love of Porzingis. Fox has lightning speed that can defend. If ever figures out shooting the sky is the limit for him.
Reminds me of: Elfrid Payton

9)  mavs PG – Frank Ntilikina Dallas Mavericks Blue Basketball
The Mavs need a point guard. I think a lot of people are expecting Markkanen to be here and learn under Dirk, but if that doesn’t happen I think they take Ntilikina. In this age where point guard is the deepest position in the NBA Seth Curry or Yogi Ferrell isn’t the answer to the question who should be the Mavs starting point guard. Ntilikina has experience playing professional basketball overseas.
Reminds me of: A King Size Version of Brandon Jennings

10)  sacFC – Jonathan Isaac down arrow Sacramento Kings Light Blue Basketball
In this scenario Kings probably were hoping Frank Ntilikina was available at 10 after taking Jayson Tatum at 5. Without another highly rated PG on the board, I have them taking Isaac. It’s unclear what position Isaac will be in the NBA. Some people seem to think he’s a SF, but at 6’11 and without a consistent jumper I think he’s best suited to come in and play centre. My big worry about him is his small frame. He looked lost at times playing against bigger guys in the NCAA. If he bulks up he could start off his career being a good role player with an impact on the defensive side of the ball. Otherwise, he could be in over his head.
Reminds me of: Nerlens Noel meets Bobby Portis

11) cha C – Zach Collins Charlotte Hornets Blue Basketball
The Hornets felt like a playoff team at times this season. Their biggest hole seemed to be at centre. Cody Zeller was a solid role player when he played, but probably isn’t cut out for more than 20-25 minute role. Charlotte trading for Miles Plumlee’s horrific contract was probably a mistake. And I’m not sold on Frank “The Tank” Kaminsky being a starting centre. Since the Hornets have an affinity for white centres how could they possibly pass up on Zach Collins? If they did pass on him and he becomes a star the Hornets will become a joke for finally passing up on a white big who actually turned out to be good. Zach Collins has shown he can score from almost anywhere on the floor and also play above average defensively.
Reminds me of: Myles Turner

12)  Pistons logo SG – Luke Kennard up arrow Detroit Pistons  Blue Basketball
The Pistons desperately need shooting. Malik Monk & Luke Kennard are probably two of the best shooters in this draft. Malik Monk ain’t falling to 12. So it could make sense for the Pistons to take Luke.
Reminds me of: Rodney Hood

13) Denver_Nuggets SF – OG Anunoby up arrow Denver Nuggets 5%
The Nuggets have a deep roster except at PG. If all the highly rated point guards are off the board, so I’m not sure they reach for one. Danilo Gallinari and Wilson Chandler are always being rumoured in trades. If they move on from one they would be able to make room for a defensive small forward like OG Anunoby. Also, Will Barton got outplayed by Gary Harris this season, so they might look to move on from Barton as well. I feel like OG would pair well with a guard like Harris or Jamal Murray. If Anunoby ever develops a shot he could be really dangerous in the NBA.
Reminds me of: Andre Roberson 

14) miamiPF – Ivan Rabb – Miami Heat Blue Basketball
The Heat could go in a bunch of directions with this pick, but I think they go with a PF to pair next to Hassan Whiteside. I don’t know if the Heat believes or believed Justise Winslow to be their PF, but want I do know is that he struggled hard offensively before getting injured. Ivan Rabb is a good rebounder and at 3 inches taller than Winslow and probably better suited to play PF. If the Heat select a PF, Winslow can primarily play SF.
Reminds me of: Julius Randle

15) blazers SF – Justin Jackson Portland Trailblazers
The Blazers have their PG in Damian Lillard, shooting guard in CJ McCollum, and centre in Jusuf Nurkic. So they are probably looking at a forward here. Justin Jackson does a little bit of everything, but doesn’t excel at one particular skill. If the Blazers were ever looking to trade either Moe Harkless or Al-Farouq Aminu who are both on reasonable contracts Justin Jackson could slide into that kind of role.
Reminds me of: TJ Warren

16) chiSG – Donovan Mitchell Chicago Bulls 5%
The Bulls need shooting. If Donovan Mitchell continues to develop his shot he could be a pretty nice two-way player in the NBA.
Reminds me of: Avery Bradley

17)  Bucks F – Semi Ojeleye up arrow Milwaukee Bucks Blue Basketball
The Bucks have lots of size on their roster, but don’t have massive amounts of shooting outside of Khris Middleton. I don’t know which forward position Semi Ojeleye will play in the NBA, but I believe in his jumper.
Reminds me of: Marcus Morris

18) Pacers G – Monte Morris up arrow Indiana Pacers
If the Pacers want a chance at keeping their franchise stud, Paul George, they will need to show him they are better this season. Monte Morris might not have the greatest upside, but he could come in from day 1 and carve out a bench role on this Pacers team.
Reminds me of: A Poor Man’s Ricky Rubio

19)  Hawks FC – Harry Giles – Atlanta Hawks 5%
If the Hawks are thinking about the future after Dwight Howard, Harry Giles might be their man. Giles was once thought of as a high lottery pick, but after injuries and not showing much in limited action in college will likely push him outside the lottery. If Giles can put everything together he has the tools to be a really good player in the NBA.
Reminds me of: Ed Davis

20) blazers PF – Caleb SwaniganPortland Trailblazers Blue Basketball
So this is the 2nd of the Blazers 3 first round picks. With pick 15 I had them taking a small forward in Justin Jackson. Their other position of need is PF. Caleb Swanigan might just be a good floor stretcher next to Jusuf Nurkic.
Reminds me of: Jared Sullinger

21)okcPG – Jawun Evans Oklahoma City Thunder Blue Basketball
The Thunder were the ones that drafted Reggie Jackson roughly around this spot in 2011. He ended up being a good pick for them while he was in OKC. The Thunder traded point guard Cameron Payne to the Bulls at the deadline this year. Me thinks there is an opening for a role behind Westbrook. Could that guy be Jawun Evans?
Reminds me of: Reggie Jackson

22) NetsGF – Terrance Ferguson Brooklyn Nets 5%
The Brooklyn Nets desperately need talent. They went with a high-upside guy last year in Caris LeVert and it paid off. Could they do it again with Terrance Ferguson? Ferguson is super athletic and starting to put together a jumper. The raw talent is there, but can he translate that talent into the NBA?
Reminds me of: Early Career DeMar DeRozan

23) tor PF – TJ Leaf – Toronto Raptors Blue Basketball
The Raptors are in a tough spot at both forward spots. PJ Tucker, Patrick Patterson, & Serge Ibaka are all free agents. It’s unlikely that all will be back. If Patterson is the odd man out, TJ Leaf could be a nice replacement. Leaf is a good shooter & is better than advertised on the defensive side of the ball.
Reminds me of: Dario Saric

24) jazz  PF – Jordan Bell – Utah Jazz Blue Basketball
If the Jazz want to pay big money to bring Gordon Hayward & George Hill back they will likely need to move Derrick Favors who is a free agent in a year. Trey Lyles really struggled when the Jazz needed him most (when Favors was injured). In fact, Lyles shooting numbers were worse than his rookie season which is troubling, to say the least. Jordan Bell isn’t much of a shooter from range, but he is a good defender that can finish around the basket.
Reminds me of: A Fun Size Version of Nerlens Noel

25) orl SF – Rodions Kurucs – Orlando Magic Blue Basketball
If the Magic do snag a point guard with pick 6 they will likely be looking for a wing with this pick. Rodions Kurucs is good at finishing strong around the rim. He also projects as a good shooter and decent passer. With a new front office in place, they can afford to stash him if they need to.
Reminds me of: Joe Ingles Without Any Defense

26) blazers PF – John Collins Portland Trailblazers 
This is the Blazers 3rd first round pick. If they keep the pick I could see them taking another PF here. Yes, I had them taking Swanigan at 20. Not every pick pans out. This would give them another crack at filling PF. John Collins is a good scorer from the paint and a good rebounder. His concerns on defense might be a tad overblown.
Reminds me of: A Poor Man’s LaMarcus Aldridge

27) NetsC – Jarrett Allen Brooklyn Nets 5%
I had the Nets taking a wing in Terrance Ferguson at pick 22, so maybe they take the best available player with this pick. Jarrett Allen was the best player on my board here. If they Nets are looking for a centre that can change the way they play when Brook Lopez is off the floor this could be their guy. Jarrett Allen is a good defender and rebounder that finishes at well around the basket.
Reminds me of: Tyson Chandler

28)  lalC – Justin Patton – Los Angeles Lakers 5%
The Lakers are probably looking for someone that has a chance to stay in the NBA with pick 28. Justin Patton certainly has a chance to be that guy for them. Patton is a solid shooter and good defender for a big man. However, he needs to get a little better rebounding the ball. Could be a solid backup for Zubac.
Reminds me of: A Poor Man’s Al Horford

29) sas G – Derrick White – San Antonio Spurs Blue Basketball
With the Spurs on the clock I’m going to say they take a guard. Why a guard you might ask? Tony Parker suffered a major injury and Patty Mills is a free agent. Derrick White is an exceptional shooter around the basket and from range. The knocks on White are that he’s slow and doesn’t have room to grow (will turn 23 years old in July). If I know one thing about the Spurs it’s that they can develop almost anyone.
Reminds me of: Tyler Johnson

30) jazz PF – Tyler Lydon – Utah Jazz Blue Basketball
I have the Jazz taking a PF at 24 in Jordan Bell and yes I have them potentially taking another one right here with Tyler Lydon. If my theory about the Jazz is correct about wanting to trade Derrick Favors they will likely need multiple guys to replace him. Jordan Bell is the defensive PF and Tyler Lydon is the floor stretching-shooting PF. If Lydon becomes passable on D he can be an NBA player.
Reminds me of: A Dollar Store Ryan Anderson

That concludes my May NBA Mock Draft.
Need to bring your flamethrower to Twitter?

Bubble Watch:

C – Christopher “Ike” Anigbogu
C – Edrice “Bam” Adebayo
C – Isaiah Hartenstein
C – Jonathan Jeanne
FC – DJ Wilson
PF – Alec Peters
PF Johnathan Motley
SF – Dwayne Bacon
SG – Josh Hart
PG – Frank Jackson
PG – Frank Mason

These were just some names that I think could creep into the first round, but couldn’t find a team to pick them. Thanks for reading my May NBA Mock Draft.



Trade That Wins Your Fantasy League


We talkn’ roto. Roto? Roto? Every year for whatever reason in yahoo fantasy basketball at this point in the season I see I’m ranked last or second to last in turnovers. This season in one league I saw I was ranked second last in turnover and bottom or near the bottom in both FG & FT%. If I continue on the path that I’m on I literally have no chance of winning.



Part 1: I ended up trading DeMarcus Cousins for Al Horford. Yes, Cousins puts up gaudy stats, but he’s killing me in efficiency. It should help me in FG%, FT%, & Turnovers. I honestly don’t care that Horford was ranked higher than Cousins in averaged stats. I would still trade for Horford if he was ranked 30 or 40 (example: if he didn’t shoot 3s).


How was I able to get the exact deal I wanted?

I wasn’t. The guy I wanted was Myles Turner. Since I wasn’t able to get him I settled on Al Horford. No complaints, but you have to be flexible when targeting the players you want.

What do I got to next?

I know I have to trade D’Angelo Russell. I was just waiting for him to get more healthy games under his belt first.

I also probably have to trade LeBron. But, wait didn’t I say I needed FG%. Yes, he does help me there, but he’s hurting me in FT% & Turnovers. LeBron is shooting a career worst 68.7% from the line at 7.2 attempts per game. The more volume a player shoots at a bad clip the more it hurts your team.

Time to climb that ladder.


Fantasy Basketball Love/Hate


The great hustler Matthew Berry does a love/hate column for fantasy football every week, so I thought I do one for basketball.

9-Cat Love (Yahoo standard leagues)

Anthony Davis (ADP 6) – If he can finally stay healthy this season he’s got top 3 upside

Kawhi Leonard (6.9) – In a league that counts turnovers it’s rare to get a top tier talent that helps you in that category

Chris Paul (8.6) – Mr. Consistency. Has been a fantasy beast for a decade.

Hassan Whiteside (14.7) – Post all-star he averaged 17.5ppg last season. With Bosh confirmed out and Wade gone, this dude is going to be a monster.

DeMarcus Cousins (14.9) – Will hurt your FG% as a big man & TOs are an issue, but could very well return top 10 value.

John Wall (16.1) – The turnovers will hurt, but delivers top tier assists.

Blake Griffin (27.8) – Coming off a season from hell, he’s a good bet to bounce back.

Brook Lopez (32) – Put up all-star numbers last season on one of the worst teams in the league. Should do it again this season.

Victor Oladipo (33.4) – Good situation for him in OKC and he was amazing down the stretch last season.

Gordon Hayward (49.6) – Had a slightly down season, but excellent price here for a wing.

Marc Gasol (61) – Word is that he is healthy. Good buy-low target.

Nicolas Batum (66.3) – Had a good season for the Hornets last year. No reason why he shouldn’t have another one.

Goran Dragic (67) – Bosh it out. Wade is gone. The Dragon is going to unleash his wrath this season.

Dennis Schroder (67.4) –  Jeff Teague is gone in ATL. Feel like Schroder is a better cheaper Reggie Jackson.

Nikola Mirotic (82.9) – Pau Gasol is gone & he’s one of the few 3pt shooters the Bulls have. The playing time will finally be there for him.

Enes Kanter (97.4) – Ibaka and Durant are gone. Kanter is now the best scoring big man the Thunder have.

Robert Covington (100.1) – The Sixers don’t have a lot of shooters. He’s been really good the past two seasons & there is no reason why he won’t continue to be good.

Jae Crowder (100.9) – Was insanely good last season and is an efficient player.

Harrison Barnes (106.6) – Bigger role in store for Harrison. His efficiency will take a bit of a hit, but his counting stats will surely increase. MIP candidate.

Evan Fournier (108.6) – Was terrific post all-star last season. With Oladipo gone he might break 20ppg. Those high scoring players are hard to find at this point in the draft.

Clint Capela (114.6)  [H2H ONLY] – His FT% will kill you in roto, but if you are playing H2H and punting FT% this is great value for Capela who is expected to start for the Rockets with  Dwight gone.

Danny Green (115.3) – I’m not going to sugarcoat it. He was really bad last season. However, the previous season he was an efficient monster. Buy him at this discount and if he doesn’t bounce back in the first month drop him.

Rodney Hood (116.2) – Hood is a young player that has a defined role for the Jazz who is only going to get better.

Andrew Bogut (120.7) – You would think the FT% hurts, but since he doesn’t shoot a lot of them it’s not that bad. Good place to get blocks with low turnovers.

Kyle Korver (122.9) – Two years ago Kyle Korver was a rockstar. Last year he wasn’t great, but similar to Danny Green if he doesn’t produce early you can move on from him.

Marvin Williams  (123.7) – He had a career year last season. Expect some regression with MKG back. Even though there might not be a lot of profit with Marvin he has a solid floor.

Markieff Morris (127.2) – Was his normal self after being traded to the Wizards. At h is sticker price you getting top 85 value.

Buddy Hield (137.3) – Situation, situation, and did I mention situation? Yes. he’s a rookie, but Tyreke Evans is still hurt and Jrue Holiday is likely to miss time. Someone is going to put up points on the Pelicans besides Anthony Davis and Buddy is a good bet to be that guy.

Alex Len (139.8) – The skill-set is there. Didn’t fit beside playing next to Tyson Chandler last season. This Suns team has a lot invested in youth. There’s no reason for them to play Tyson Chandler heavy minutes anymore.

Bojan Bogdanovic (140.4) – One of the few shooters on the Nets and he looked good last season. With the Nets upgrading to Lin at PG it should help free up Bojan for some better looks.

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist (146.7) – Was injured for the majority of last season. His shot looks a little better and he will be part of the rotation. Worth a flyer.

Dario Saric (147.2) – With Ben Simmons out, Dario Saric will have a place to play in this rotation. He does a little bit of everything and is worth rostering.

Terrence Jones (148.5) – Good situation for him to play along aside Anthony Davis in New Orleans. He is an efficient player that will deliver as long as he’s healthy.

Norman Powell (-) Call me biased. Do it! He’s the only Raptor I have on this 9-cat love list.  Was terrific as a rookie post all-star break when he got legit minutes. Powell is an efficient player that has a spot in the Raptors rotation. It’s criminal he’s going undrafted. Baby, buy, buy, buy!


Jimmy Butler (ADP 12.1) – Jimmy Butler wasn’t a top 12 player last season and that’s before  the nightmare additions of Rajon Rondo & Dwyane Wade.

Andre Drummond (42.9) – A FT% killer in roto you just can recover from

DeAndre Jordan (47) – *See Andre Drummond

Otto Porter (47.6) – Porter had an insanely efficient fantasy season last year, but finished barely in the top 60. Even if he improves his game there is zero profit picking him here.

Rajon Rondo (53.3) – Has become a horrible real-life NBA player. If he’s hurting Wade or Butler which he will that 35mpg will massively decrease.

Dwight Howard (67.6) – *See Andre Drummond

Dwyane Wade (69) – Wade finished barely inside the top 100 last season. He’s getting older and his situation is worse. You are taking a bath if you draft him here.

Bismack Biyombo (97.4) – Biyombo didn’t finish in the top 150 last season with the Raptors. Entering a crowded front-court with Ibaka, Vucevic, & Gordon just make things worse for him.

Paul Pierce (127) – Don’t buy the name brand. Absolutely useless for fantasy at this point in his career. Doesn’t have the “it” factor.

Iman Shumpert (131.7) – Was really bad last season. Hard to imagine him having fantasy value.

Tyson Chandler (137.4) Tyson Chandler has been a solid fantasy asset for much of his career, but last season finished outside the top 150. He needs to step aside and let Alex Len solidify himself as the starting centre on the Suns.

8-Cat Love (ESPN standard leagues)

Anthony Davis (ADP 9.4) – If he can finally stay healthy this season he’s got top 5 upside

Giannis Antetokounmpo (15.4) – Top 12 value in the final 2 months last season. Without Middleton that could climb to as high as 8.

John Wall (15.4) With turnovers not being tabulated Wall delivered first round value last season, so he shouldn’t be drafted outside the top 12.

Hassan Whiteside (16.8) – Whiteside was a monster post all-star break. With Bosh confirmed out and Wade gone expect more monster numbers.

Eric Bledsoe (28.9) – Bledsoe has the injury risk, but based on per game numbers he was a top 16 talent in this format last season.

Victor Oladipo (31.5) – Over the final 2 months of the season last year ‘Dipo was a top 13 talent. Situation gets better playing for OKC.

Brook Lopez (34.2) – Lopez gives you almost a round of profit drafting him here. Plus his role isn’t going to change, so he’s a nice safe bet to repeat.

Nicolas Batum (45.2) – Top 36 talent based on this format last season. No reason why he doesn’t continue doing more of the same.

Dennis Schroder (69.5) – Teague is gone. Schroder is a better cheaper Reggie Jackson.

Ricky Rubio (79.6) This is absolutely criminal! Was a top 35 talent last season. As good as Kris Dunn will be he’s not going to make a massive dent in Rubio’s stock as a rookie.

Jonas Valanciunas (81.4) – Please! He finished top 65 last season. With Biyombo gone he will at least finish in the top 55.

Robert Covington (114.8) – Top 60 player last season. Not a sexy name, but the Sixers need shooting to pair with their bigs.

Danny Green (119.2) – Had a season from hell, but two years ago was a top 30 talent. Expect a bounce back into that top 75 range.

Nikola Mirotic (120.4) – Was inconsistent last season, but he’s one of the few 3pt shooters the Bulls have, so the minutes have to be there.

Tim Frazier (-) With Jrue Holiday potentially missing time he could be a nice stop-gap.

Patrick Beverley (-) The value is there. Needs to be drafted in 10-man leagues.

Norman Powell (-) Feel like he has surpassed Ross on the depth chart and was pretty good post all-star. Expect a fantasy relevant year 2.


Karl-Anthony Towns (4.8 ADP) – Didn’t deliver top 15 numbers in this format last season. Why are you paying top 5 for him?

Damian Lillard (11.7) – Expensive. I have him in that same tier with Lowry, Irving, Thomas, & Bledsoe.

Andre Drummond (30.3) – His FT% will kill you in roto

DeAndre Jordan (34.7) *See Andre Drummond

Dwyane Wade (47.8) – Delivered top 66 value in this format last season. Things only get worse for him.

Dwight Howard (56.3) *See Andre Drummond

Bradley Beal (65.4) – Injuries aside he was barely a top 80 value last season.

Kent Bazemore (77.6) – Fell off down the stretch. Don’t think he repeats pre all-star performance. Wouldn’t even buy Baze on 420.

Derrick Rose (79.5) – Barely finished inside the top 130 last season. Why are you drafting him 50 spots earlier?

Andre Iguodala (89.9) – Good real life player, but just not good in fantasy anymore. Barely top 140 value last season.

Tristan Thompson (94.8) – Barely finished inside the top 165. How does he jump 70 spots?

Jarrett Jack (109) – Ya he was a top 75 value last season as a starter, but he’s not a backup for the Hawks. Really not fantasy value here unless Schroder goes down.

Nerlens Noel doesn’t feel it’s Sunny in Philadelphia


Keith Pompey reported that Nerlens Noel is unhappy with the Sixers. Noel has been on a Sixer team that has repeatedly tanked and now has a glut of bigmen.

I can understand why Noel wants clarity on the Sixer situation and what his role will be. Yeah, the Sixers have Ben Simmons, Joel Embiid, Jahlil Okafor, & Dario Saric. Nerlens Noel is the most talented defensively of all those guys. I expect his role to be secure. He should easily be able to deliver 12/8 with a combined 3 (blocks + steals).


Who Are These Raptors?


Toronto Raptors Depth Chart

PG Kyle Lowry, Cory Joseph, Fred VanVleet, Delon Wright (INJ)
SG DeMar DeRozan, Norman Powell
SF DeMarre Carroll, Terrence Ross, Bruno Caboclo
PF Patrick Patterson, Pascal Siakam, Jared Sullinger (INJ)
C Jonas Valanciunas, Jakob Poeltl, Lucas Nogueira

It’s hard to imagine this team on paper being better than the Raptors of 2015-2016. The loss of Bismack Biyombo will NOT go unnoticed. The Raptors rim protection will take the biggest hit especially with the Raptors wanting to ease Jakob Poeltl in slowly (who is probably the best defensive centre the Raptors have).

Red Basketball Star (S)
Blue Basketball Role Player (RP)
5% The 6th Man (The 6)
 Rookie (R)
Purple Basketball Below Role Player (BRP)
Light Blue Basketball Not a Pro Talent (NPT)

The Raptors Roster

Red Basketball PG) Kyle Lowry

Kyle Lowry is an all-star and maybe even the best point guard in the East. His body hasn’t held up well late in the season over the last two years. Hopefully he can buck the trend and dominate in the playoffs.

Red Basketball SG) DeMar DeRozan

“DD is one of two players. He’s the guy that shoots around only 40% with 15ppg half the season with hardly any 3s. And the other half he’s carrying the team on his back putting up 25+ points by getting to the free-throw line a lot. When he’s the first kind of player he’s no better than a 6th man. When he is the second kind of player he plays like a number two option on a good team.” – Last Year. I was a little harsh, but he was hard to watch at times in the playoffs. However, when he’s rolling his hard to stop. Just for the record I was onboard with re-signing him.

Blue Basketball SF) DeMarre Carroll

“An interesting signing for the Raptors, but ultimately an overpay. Yes, he will bring much-needed defense. But I don’t think he brings the shooting touch he had with the Hawks last season. The Hawks were one of the best passing teams in the league to it opened up a lot of good looks for Carroll. However, the Raptors were one of the worst passing teams in the league so I wouldn’t bet on him scoring more than 10ppg and shooting better than 33% from 3. DeMarre Carroll is probably the 4th best player in this lineup.” – Last Year. My opinion hasn’t changed. Although he did shoot well from 3 during the regular season when he played.

Blue Basketball PF) Patrick Patterson

The Patman’s numbers were slightly down this season compared to the previous season despite getting more minutes. However, Patterson got fewer touches this season. Efficiency is still the name of his game by shooting well and not turning the ball over. A high quality backup is how I would describe the stretch four. He needs to improve his rebounding ability and defense to morph into an above average starter that Raptors need him to be this season. He’s playing for a contract and said he wants to get paid. Patterson’s already got great chemistry with the team considering he made every lineup combination better last year. Maybe he does make the jump? The fans are on his side. That includes me. I’ll buy-in, although I don’t think I was ever out.

Red Basketball C) Jonas Valanciunas

Valanciunas was easily the Raptors best player in the playoffs, but yet fans still sour over his Olympics and preseason play. The dude dominated Hassan Whiteside! What more do you want? Casey needs to give him 30 minutes a night and finally start running plays for him. Why risk a poor shooting game from DeRozan when you can have a guaranteed buckets in the paint from JV?


Blue Basketball  Jared Sullinger (Free Agent Acquisition)

It was a feel good moment for Raptor fans when the Raptors were able to sign Jared Sullinger for $6M. He’s a good rebounder and is a better defender than Luis Scola. Unfortunately, foot surgery could force him to miss up to 3 months. As long as he comes back healthy in the second half of the season this acquisition should still look okay.

Purple Basketball Terrence Ross

T-Ross numbers weren’t a significant improvement like people think they were. It’s been hard to figure out what he does well. He’s not a particularly good passer, rebounder or defender and he doesn’t draw fouls. What I have concluded is that he is a good three-point shooter when given space. I would think the Raptors would try to trade Ross because he’s still young so some other team should be willing to flip their disappointing young piece to mix things up.

 Jakob Poeltl

Not sure why fans aren’t buying in on Poeltl yet. I had him top 5 on my draft board, so I was super excited when the Raptors landed him. He’s a good mobile defender who can rebound and score in the paint. I feel his game is similar to Tristan Thompson. And that would be great to add that kind of talent to the team.

Blue Basketball Cory Joseph

I disrespected Joseph last year. He was quite good. I’m not talking about Joseph’s numbers though. Cory was clutch in 4th quarters when he hit big time shots you don’t see role players generally make. My apologies here. He should be good again.

Purple Basketball Delon Wright

“I haven’t been impressed from what I have seen from Wright. I don’t really see him getting really any minutes unless Lowry or Joseph get hurt.” – Last Year. Delon is now injured and VanVleet might just be better than him for that 3rd PG spot anyway.

5% Norman Powell

“I liked the pick when the Raptors drafted him and I have liked everything I have seen from him so far. There’s no way he shouldn’t be getting minutes. If Ross is still terrible or Casey is still hating on James Johnson there should be 10 minutes a game for Powell. In 10mpg, I project Powell to score 4-6ppg.” – Last Year. He averaged 5.6ppg in case you were wondering. Think he can double that rookie projection and be in the 8-12ppg range this season. He brings energy and gives the Raptors a transition game. Powell is the 6th man every team should want.

Light Blue BasketballBruno Caboclo

“Last year in summer league, an analyst stated Caboclo didn’t know how to run the floor. The young Brazilian only played 23 minutes for the Toronto Raptors this season, so it’s hard to judge his basketball game. However, the fact that he wasn’t able to get many minutes in the D-League is certainly a red flag.” – Last Year. I haven’t seen much of an improvement. Feel like his ceiling from day 1 was Al-Farouq Aminu. NOT Kevin Durant! Aminu is a plus role player that Bruno can only dream of being now. Not sure what Bruno’s basement is, but I don’t think it exists in the NBA.

Purple Basketball Lucas Nogueira

Last year I didn’t know if he could play basketball. I still don’t. He’s fine offensively and even looks good at times, but I haven’t seen him make the defensive plays that would earn him a serious role on this team.

 Pascal Siakam

So much positive press has been put out on Siakam. I personally don’t see it. Fans & media like his energy because it reminds them of what Bismack Biyombo was able to do for the Raptors last season. Let’s be clear. He’s not Biyombo, but has a chance to get minutes while Sullinger is out.

 Fred VanVleet

I have no problems with VanVleet. He’s a 3rd string point guard. The Raptors needed one of those and now they have one.

2015-2016 STATS
Top 10 NBA Team Averages at Each Category VS (Raptors Season Average)


106.5ppg (102.7ppg) -3.8ppg

45.6rpg (43.4rpg) -2.2rpg

24.5apg (18.7apg) -5.8apg

8.9spg (7.8spg) -1.1spg

5.9bpg (5.5bpg) -0.4bpg

47 FG% (45.1) -1.9FG%

37.9 3FG% (37) -0.9 3FG%*

79.1 FT% (77.7) -1.4 FT%

13.2tpg (13.1) -0.1tpg

*Was a positive if you exclude the Warriors

2016-2017 Raptors PROJECTIONS

Improvement    Regression






44.7 FG% 

36.6 3FG%

78.2 FT% 


The Raptors might be as good as last season in terms of talent, but they may only get 52 wins and the 3rd season in the East.
I’m not complaining and neither should you.

>> Raptors Player Projections <<

Beat Last Years Sixers With $15

Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 4.54.06 AM

Task: Beat last years Sixers team with rookies with $15.


$7 Ben Simmons, Brandon Ingram
$5 Kris Dunn, Jaylen Brown, Buddy Hield, Dragan Bender, Jamal Murray
$4 Jakob Poeltl, Thon Maker, Marquese Chriss, Domantas Sabonis, Denzel Valentine
$3 Wade Baldwin, Henry Ellenson, Taurean Prince, Juan Hernangómez, Caris LeVert, Furkan Korkmaz, Timothe Luwawu, Ante Zizic, Malik Beasley
$2 – Georgios Papagiannis, Guerschon Yabusele, Malachi Richardson, Dejounte Murray, Damian Jones, Skal Labissière, Pascal Siakam, DeAndre Bembry, Brice Johnson
$1 – Deyonta Davis, Ivica Zubac, Cheick Diallo, Tyler Ulis, Malcolm Brogdon, Diamond Stone, Demetrius Jackson, A. J. Hammons, Patrick McCaw
$0.50 – Unlisted Rookies

What would your best 5-man lineup be for $15 or less?